The Jitters.

I recently was asked if I ever get nervous before a session… and hand’s down, without hesitation, I blurted out a “YES! YES, of course! After all these years… YES!” It used to bug me, that I would let the pre-game jitters eat at me as I waited for my clients to arrive. I would think, “When am I ever going to let them go and this will become easy?”  But, then I listened to the words that echoed in my head – “become easy?!?” Eeeek… after too much easy comes lack of creativity, boredom… yuck. So, I guess I am happy to hold onto my nerves and let them push me. Because, well they stem from the right place – you just want to knock it out of the park for the family you are working with. You want them this time and every time they work with you to say “YES! I love these photos!” So, with that comes a bit a pressure. 😀 Not from my clients, but from me! and I decided that is a good thing. So me and my nerves are trying our best to be friends.

Even with this family. They are some of my dearest friends… they would understand if I messed up, if I did my best – but it was sorta a flop.. but GAH! Not on my watch, friends! Enter nerves and a busting of my butt… here are the results. They make me smile!

So, cheers to the nerves that keep us reaching for more, for better!

Eeek, have to prepare for tomorrow’s session now. 😀 Re-enter the flutters. 😀



Blessings abound!

Friends, these are my people. Yes. These people are my people. They like to call it “the people on your ‘Home Team'”… I call it people in “My tribe.” But regardless, they are the people that when life is hard, when life is good, when life is upside down, when life is down right hilarious – you want to share it with your “Home Team” … “Your Tribe.” I pray, truly, that YOU… that WE ALL…  have these people in our lives… because –  heck! We need them. Family. Friends… whoever is in your tribe…  they sure do make life a whole lot better. Because even when life is at its hardest- your tribe encourages you or just stands beside you.. and well makes it better. And in the case of “My tribe” – we can find any reason to laugh and celebrate too! 😀 The stories I have shared with this team, the hard conversations, the laughs, the experiences. Sigh. I am so grateful for them.

Please take time to look at their smiles! And, while you are at it,  take a moment to touch base with the people on YOUR “Home Team” – “Your Tribe”. 😀 Blessing abound!


You & nachos make me happy!

The last time I saw this little boy was when he was just days old. YES! Just a sweet newborn, with his parents swooning and working hard to find their new bearings. Such a unique chapter of life. Everyone is vulnerable and just doing the best you can. I guess that doesn’t change much even as the years roll on as a parent. It just changes. But, as you can imagine, I was over the moon to hear from this family again for some more photo fun.

Ya see, nothing makes me happier than watching my littlest clients grow into… well, themselves. (I mean, don’t get me wrong – nachos make me very happy too… but. 😀 ) It was so remarkable to walk into their homes and see their little man. Time has passed, and they have grown – but, yet, there in those eyes… or in that smile… is the same little guy that I saw last time. I love this part of my job.

I tell my clients, once I photograph you – I don’t forget you. And it is the truth. You have to remember – that I spend several hours after our session staring at your faces – choosing the photos, doing some editing, creating your slide show and gallery. So, whether you like it or not, my friend – we hang out! 😀 So, I don’t forget you… esp your little ones.

So, my heart genuinely swells as I see you all again. And this little man, well… as I told his momma – I fell in love with him all over again. He is something quite spectacular. So laid back. So sweet. A snuggler… so yea, I the love comes easy with this sweetheart.

Check them out. And for even better news… baby #2 coming this holiday season… GAH!