Music you MUST hear! Sona Jobarteh & the West African Kora.

About 15 years ago (wow, time goes fast!), I met an 8-year-old girl that lived in the home that I rented a room from in London.  I was straight out of college and on my own – living and working – in London… so I was always happy to find a friend in eight-year old, Maya.  In many ways she was like any other young girl… loved chocolate, making popcorn and talking about this and that. But, I promise you she was no ordinary girl.

During my time in London, her entire family, introduced me to a whole new world of music. I would wake to sounds of the harp, piano, guitar… or my favorite… the West African Kora. (If you have never listened to the Kora, you HAVE to keep reading!) I remember writing home and telling them about this incredible family and particularly, Maya.

Well, believe it or not, Maya and I have remained friends… and now years and years later – I am bursting with pride when I think about the amazing woman she has become. It has been more than inspiring to watch her rise to be such an incredible musician from miles and miles away.

On June 16th, she will be releasing another new album- Fasiya, but the BBC just featured her and a song from the album – and I wanted to share the link, so you could enjoy her breathtaking music.  Maya changed her name many years ago to Sona… so without further ado… I want to introduce you to – Sona Jobarteh…


Also, to learn more about Sona, her music and buy one of her albums… CLICK HERE!

I promise you, you will LOVE having her music in your library!



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