Pathways Wash Park Church | Denver, CO — *E-Portrait Pack Photography Session*

I grew up going to church. I even attended a Catholic School through eighth grade.  (Sidenote: I treasure my memories at that Catholic School more than most things in life… so many of my life long friends were in my first grade classroom- BLESSINGS! A huge shout out to my parochial schoolmates!!) But when I headed off to college I just couldn’t find a church that I felt “at home” at… so years passed.

But when I moved to Denver, my sister introduced me to Pathways Church.

I am not going to lie (not a good idea to lie when talking about church), growing up in a traditional Catholic Church (ie: I always got in trouble for talking during service) it took me a bit off guard when I attended Pathways, a non-denominational christian church,  for the first time… well, because they have a BAND! and it can be loud! Loud  – in such a good, good, celebration sorta of way! But, it totally went against everything I was told… which was “Kate, Shhhhh…”

But I can honestly tell you from nearly day one… Pathways Wash Park was home.

I have never felt so welcomed, more accepted, more at home… in a place that is so entirely open to every question about religion/God that I can think up (and they never tell me to “Shhh”!)… and I walk away from each service with golden nuggets I can use in my life that very afternooon… and for this I am so thankful.

So, when the Pathways staff asked me to take some new staff photos for their website… I was so honored. Check out my family at Pathways…

Josh Peterson, Worship Pastor

Rosalie Sudowski, Children’s Ministry Director

Ross Whiteacre, Interim Youth Pastor

Kelly Doak, Operations Director

Susie Grade, Co-Pastor

Tim Grade, Co-Pastor

What an incredible place I have found.  If you are searching for a Church in the Denver area – I encourage you to check out Pathways Wash Park. And if you do, drop me a line… so I can be sure to welcome you!



ps- If you are interested in an *E-pack* portrait session and getting some fresh head shots taken for your small business website or social media sites, drop me a note… I would love to hear from you!

Kami VanousMay 14, 2011 - 4:21 pm

LOVE these! Makes me want to live near you so I can go to church with you 🙂

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