The Taylor Family! {Golden & Evergreen, CO Family and Children’s Photographer}

I met the Taylor family up in Evergreen (BTW, I have a new love for Evergreen!!! I LOVE IT THERE!) and when they pulled into to the park that we planned to meet at, they caught me googling “Bugling Elk Dangerous?”… because I am not kidding… there were a small pack of Elk within 30 yards of us (maybe closer/maybe farther, I am horrible at distances- but they were close!) and where I planned to do our session. They were bugling and doing a romantic dance around us. I truthfully think that we were the LAST thing on their minds, if you know what I mean… but I was a little nervous. They are BIG! πŸ™‚

But Josh (AKA Dad) was a volunteer firefighter in Evergreen for years… and when I expressed my concern and wanted to see how they felt about staying… he said, “In all my years volunteering I have NEVER heard about an Elk attack.” Ok. Good point. Relax… and we all just enjoyed the unique experience of being so close to these amazing animals! Truly majestic!

So, we all just kept our distance (according to Google three bus lengths is best!)… and had some fun!

This family was up for anything… we played chase, tug-o-war, ring around the rosie, and even a bit of bumper cars. I love it! What a fun family…

The other thing I love about this family is that they did their homework! When Shaundra (AKA Mom) contacted me she told me she had been following my blog and facebook page for months. I LOVE THIS!!! It just makes me feel so comfortable… and confident that I can just… well, be me! I always tell people that if you are interested in a photographer, watch them for a while… and see if you connect with their work… with them… and I was so excited that Shaundra did this! Thank you so much Shaundra! This truly means a lot to me!

YAY Taylor Family! I will always think of you and our time together when I see bugling Elk! πŸ™‚

Thank you so much!

xo Kate

EXCITING NEWS! Kate Borgelt Photography was just named top Family Photographer of 2011 by Colorado Parent Magazine!

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