Baby Bump… but not many women can pull it off quite like this! {Maternity Photographer – Denver & Golden, CO}

“Seriously? Who looks THAT good pregnant?”

For the past several weeks, after I posted a few teaser photos on my facebook page from this mini maternity session, that is all I heard from every corner of the earth…and I am in complete agreement… seriously… Who DOES look THAT good pregnant?

The answer: Melyssa Stout! 🙂

Doesn’t she make it look glamorous? Easy? and undeniably – so beautiful! And it is! But dang, all I can remember is my swelling ankles and heart burn! No, that is not completely true… but you know what I mean 🙂 Let’s just say, not all of us pulled off a baby bump quite like this. Agree? Agree!

Well, I met Melyssa through her husband Jason, who I have known for… gosh, years and years. We worked together at Outward Bound and although he is one of those guys that you just want to raz and give a hard time to… because… well, if you know Stout… you know what I mean! (He is just fun to banter with!) He is also one of those guys who will dream big and I cannot tell how inspiring it is to watch. But what makes Jason different is that he makes those dreams a reality! What a great Dad he will be!

Their baby girl is due on Christmas day… just a few days away!…and I am just so excited for them… and for this little girl. Because with parents like Melyssa and Jason… well, she will be sure to bless us all!

Congratulations you two! I will be thinking of you and awaiting the news of your daughter’s BIRTHday!



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