Baby Halloran is HERE! {Stapleton, CO newborn baby family photographer}

Oh, I have been awaiting the arrival of this sweet girl since this past summer… and was so thrilled to say “Happy Birthday” when she arrived in early January! Meet… Miss Halloran. I just love her name, don’t you?… when I asked about it, I learned it is a last name of relatives in Drew’s (AKA: Dad) family. How cool is that? Well, I love it… and love this sweet girl.

I also love coming into the homes of families who are adjusting to a new life as parents. Drew and Ronya make it look so easy… with Drew’s calm and loving spirit and Ronya’s soft and nurturing, yet no nonsense way (I have to tell you, I love Ronya’s “tell it to you straight” personality more than anything!)… they are going to be amazing parents. Just amazing.

I remember those early days with my daugther, Mica… and honestly, even though the details are a blur – I remember being full of emotions and wondering… can I do this?? It was such a crazy time for me… my hormones were all over the place and I have vivid memories of loving Mica with all my might, yet crying at the base of my stairs wondering “what have I done?” A bit of the baby blues, I learned.

Ironically, when I was in my final weeks of pregnancy a good friend came by and dropped off a sheet of paper on baby blues and said, “Now, you may never relate to what this says… but maybe you will, like I did… so I am dropping it off just in case… so you don’t feel crazy.” That was all she said and she set it on the table… and you know, I have to admit… I thought the fact she was dropping it off days before I was going to welcome my incredible, amazing, most perfect baby into the world and be experiencing one of the happiest days of my life… well, was a little crazy in itself. But, man… it was one of the most thoughtful things anyone had done for me during my pregnancy… esp since I did relate to what it said those first weeks after we brought Mica home. There I was, holding my week old baby… with a bit of the baby blues – not understanding why it was happening.

I guess I am writing about this, because I now always find an opportunity to talk about it with my new mom’s that I photograph…nothing serious, but just in passing… and some mom’s relate and some look at me like I am crazy… I just tell them that it was not all smiles and roses for me…because even though I knew these were amazing days in my life… there were plenty of times the first couple weeks that I was sad, and didn’t understand it.

I actually still don’t understand it, because after just a couple weeks…it went away. But it was real and it surprised me that those first days was not exactly the “slice of heaven” that I have heard so much about…for me.  And even though I had that sheet of paper, I still felt crazy – but so glad to know I was not alone.  So, with that…  I am always sure to slide it into the time I have with my new moms… because a good friend of mine was looking out for me and I want to do the same. I don’t want to be a downer, but at the same time… those who know me… know I am a realist… and baby blues are real. If you are struggling with them… know you are not crazy, know you are not alone… and know that I know you love your baby with all your might, but it is ok to be a little sad. Your body and life has been turned upside down. Be open. Talk to your doctors and let them know where you at, in case it is something more than baby blues… but know there are other new mom’s who have been there too. We love you. I love you.

Whoa, back to sweet Halloran…didn’t know I was going to “go there” with my blog today… but I really just let my heart lead when it comes to this little place I call my blog… so… I like to think there was a reason I “went there” today. Maybe it will be a comfort to a new mom out there…

Ok. Where was I… Oh. I was about to tell you about the guitar! YES! Drew plays guitar… you will see below, but man – I got so excited to capture sweet moments of Drew playing for Halloran and I just love how they turned out. The best.

Well, this is one awesome family. Period. ‘Nuf said. Check out some of my favorites…

xo Kate

ps- thanks again for letting me “go there” today! Now, enjoy some of that new baby sweetness! 🙂

Watch out world!!

I love this photo below… love it so much I may blow it up and put it in MY house! 😉

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MelissaFebruary 22, 2012 - 11:04 pm

Kate, your words are so touching and I know that myself, along with a LOT of other women, can relate! Thank you for posting this! 🙂

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