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The power of a photograph, sometimes… well, candidly… blows me away. It does. Our memories can only take us so far – and for some reason the details seem to fall away in our minds. But when you add a photograph to compliment that memory or a photograph to even trigger that memory… the emotions, the details, the stories… come flooding back. Well, at least for me. Do you feel the same way? It fascinates me. Photographs help us remember, allow us to visit a day many years before we were born, help us share our lives, loves and relationships with others – both today… and generations from now.  Incredible.

I was challenged at the Bobbi & Mike photography workshop recently,  to think about my “WHY”. (Their work and equally awesome personalities are so inspiring! We’re talking Superstar status for me! Check them out!)

“My Why?”

Yes, your WHY. I was asked what drives you in your photography? Why do you do it? What pushes you to a sweaty mess, when working with a family to capture moments you’re proud of and will be treasured? What makes the work you do important? What makes your work matter? YOUR WHY?

And that question sticks with me… and I have answered it different ways. But, it all comes back to – legacy. memory. and love.

When I am capturing a family. I am not only thinking about light, exposure, composition, etc… you know, the stuff you hired me to think about!… but I am thinking about you, your unique family and capturing your life TODAY… and all the everyday blessings that surround you – those sloppy hugs, sweet giggles, first steps, games of chase… and the love… oh, the love!

BUT, I am also thinking about how you will revisit this day. How your children will revisit this day… and perhaps even your children’s children will visit this day… through these very photographs. And when that happens how I so badly want all the blessings that surround you in your life RIGHT NOW… to come flooding back. The emotions. The details. The stories… and oh, the love! I want the photographs I am taking in that very moment to become more and more valuable as the days and years move on. Of course, I want to see the images all over your home TODAY… but my WHY – the reason that drives me to do what I love to do… comes from that day down the road. When you revist this day… and these photos are priceless to you, to your children and to your grandchildren…maybe yet still to be born. That is my WHY!

CHEERS! To my WHY… and to your WHY… and to the years to come!

And so, I introduce you to the Inman Family. I love them. They lived down the street from me and now live in Boulder, but… they are some pretty special people. And their girls… well, if my daughter follows in their footsteps – I would be proud! But, I hope those hugs, fun and love…are truly treasured today… and often revisited for many generations to come… and the best part — I believe from the bottom of my heart they are and will be. YAY!

Thanks Inman’s… for letting me be a part of it all!




I love this photo below… it is one of my top ten favorite photos I have ever taken. Proud. Because… it represents my WHY!

EXCITING NEWS! Kate Borgelt Photography was named top Family Photographer of 2011 by Colorado Parent Magazine!

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KateJune 11, 2012 - 4:08 pm

Toni!!!! I loved my time in Ecuador! I think of everyone I met so often! I am just so humbled and honored to be apart of it all!! Xo!!!

DanieleJune 11, 2012 - 4:01 pm

Hi Kate, I am long .long .long time friends of ginny, orfay and cslteee (since she was first in USA) They are such wonderful people always giving rarely taking except for others.I LOVED your contribution. Ginny was so thrilled that you were doing this. I’ve sent the site to anyone I know who might be interested.Thank you so much for what you have done. I cried which isn’t easy for a jaded old social worker who is best friends with ginny.I love that family. Thanks again. toni

Kristin BeamMay 10, 2012 - 8:29 pm

I LOVE the last few images! Perfect family memories 🙂

Sarah FischerMay 6, 2012 - 4:24 pm

Kate, I ALWAYS love looking at your work! It always makes me smile and have that warm fuzzy feeling like being snuggled up with the kids in front of the fireplace with hot cocoa and a blanket. That’s your photography to me 🙂

Sarah BoxMay 3, 2012 - 10:15 pm

You have such a gift. Your images are priceless and will certainly be treasured forever! Even not knowing your clients or the people in your images- my emotions are stirred and remind me of the love in my own life! Amazing.

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