Practice what you Preach… Right? {Denver and Golden, CO Family Photographer}

This past month, MY family got OUR pictures taken. My daughter just turned 3 and I am loving her energy for life and sense of humor – that I wanted to capture it…and freeze this time forever. I. Never. Want. to. Forget.

Don’t get me wrong, I take lots of photos of my daughter, not as many with my big, fancy camera as you might expect, but -regardless- to see your family through another person’s eye is a gift for a photographer… and well, probably for anyone!  But, truth is – I don’t have many photos WITH my daughter and husband… and well, that is important to me…and one day I believe it will be important to Mica too.

But, as you guys probably know all too well… in getting family photos done… I was reminded how stressful it all can be. Not only is it a $$ investment… but there are the clothes, hair… and most of all… “Is my daughter going to be in a good mood?” “What could I bring to bribe her if need be?”… oh and not to forget the fact that I am well aware that the wrinkles on my own face are getting a little too comfortable and that I probably should spend more time on the treadmill. Sigh.

And, well, truth be told… I am soooo grateful for these nasty reminders – even though slightly painful – because… well, I get it. When my families show up at a shoot – I know through just arriving at the shoot, you have successfully jumped hurdles, deserve a high five and perhaps even a drink! 🙂

(Now time for the photo fun! And we do have fun!)

BUT!!! Another thing I was well reminded of is… It. Is. All. Worth. It…I cried when I saw our photos. My little family! But, the bottom line… I was reminded, on a PERSONAL level, just how important photos are.  me as a mom of a little girl… not as a business owner and photographer. So promise me… Whether you hire me, or any professional photographer you love, or snap your own photos with your phone. PLEASE…Just keep getting those moments captured.

…and in your golden years, many many years from now, if you are regretting that you have so many wonderful memories captured through photography, come knock on my door so I can stare at you in complete disbelief. (smile!)

Some of you may recognize this little cutie from earlier sessions… Tag. He just turned one. I think you will find yourself smiling, without even noticing, when looking at some of my favorites below. 🙂 It goes without saying, I love this family.



… and below, just for fun, is an image of me and my girl… a huge thank you my dear friend, Katie at TreeSwing Kids… the way she captured my family brings happy, proud, giddy tears to my eyes. I love you dear, crazy talented, inspiring friend!

ps- KEEP CAPTURING YOUR MEMORIES! I so treasure this photo and this incredible time in my life. Especially this one of Me and My best girl. <3

EXCITING NEWS! Kate Borgelt Photography was named top Family Photographer of 2011 AND 2012 by Colorado Parent Magazine!

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Rick MatsumotoSeptember 4, 2012 - 3:38 am

Thanks for the reminder of how stressful AND rewarding our photo shoot was. Tia and I remember thinking we weren’t going to get very many good shots out of Tag that day, but you pulled out your magic camera and did your thing! Thanks Kate!

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