Mica turns 3… and my annual “SuperMom”attempt! {Golden and Denver, CO Family and Children’s Lifestyle Photographer}

For those who know me or have followed my work for some time — know that once a year, on July 6th, I creeeeeek open the closet and dust off my SUPER MOM cape!

Yes, that is right… my supermom cape! I think it is hard being a mom, keeping up with what you think… or the world thinks a “good” mom does… and so I have decided to hold on to ONE “super mom moment” and hold on to it tightly. I like to think that I have other shining moments as a mom, but this is the one I am going to declare! Moms, maybe we all should do this?… lower the pressure on ourselves a bit and hold on to ONE supermom moment and stand proud in that… don’t try to do it all… we make ourselves crazzzy! … let the others just happen, if they happen. So whether you volunteer at the school, are up to date on their annual scrapbooks or make homemade baby food – stand proud in your favorite “super mom” moment. I already think you are a ROCK STAR! Just saying…

So, mine happens to be cupcakes on my daughter’s birthday! And I know you may be saying…”Come on, Kate! They are only cupcakes!”… and you know what I would say to you?… BACK OFF… this is my “Super Mom” moment. 🙂

My daughter is only three, but I proudly say that, if you ask her, she remembers her puppy cupcakes last year… and that is a long time for a 3 year old to remember back to. 🙂 … and ya know, that is enough “approval” to know that my “Super Mom” moment makes a difference. (On her first birthday, since her favorite animal sound to make was a monkey… we went with that. )

I admit, maybe it is because I am not a mom to bake… but on this day (and everyday, really), I want her to feel so extra super, duper special… :)… and this is one way I want to show it.

So, this year she turned 3!… and we let the sun shine in!

…and the birthday girl, herself – Mica. I admit, even though I did capture more traditional photos of Mica on this birthday… I love this photo the most. Because right at the moment I was taking her picture her eyes drifted to the sky and she said “Do you know that cloud looks like a dinosaur?”… She is 3. I love that.

May your “super mom” moment make you proud!… and your children smile! 🙂



krystalSeptember 12, 2012 - 9:45 pm

Great Job Kate- love them… Kody was excited to seem them too.. he thought they were “cool”

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