I want to be a firefighter. {Golden, CO Family and Children’s Photographer}

When she grows up, my daughter wants to be a firefighter.

I am not exactly sure where the interest came from, if it was from books (ya gotta love books for opening up a big wide world and support/setting dreams in motion, even at three years old.) and/or the frequent talk about wild fires here in Colorado this past summer. But, either way… it makes my heart happy to see her get excited to talk about it!

And so Mica and I often talk about firefighters as she gets ready for bed and what they do on their job… and as we talk, I would tell her that I knew REAL firefighters. She would look at me to see if I was teasing… Yup, it’s true. Your momma knows REAL firefighters. Believe it. πŸ™‚ (I love when I have those moments where Mica looks at me as if saying “Mom, is there anything you don’t know?” This won’t last long, so I am soaking it in now!)

But, I would tell her about Garret and Laura… and how they fight wild fires, live up in Coal Creek Canyon and how they would respond to calls as soon as their beepers went off and rush down to the fire station and be on their way to help. And as soon as I would finish my story she would say “Can you tell me that story again? ”

So, as you can imagine I couldn’t resist but tell Laura and Garret about this… and without a moment’s hesitation they offered to give her a tour of the station. How could we resist? Well, we couldn’t.

We got to ride in the fire truck, spray the hoses, run through the water, dress up as fire fighters… a memorable day to say the least. And even though my daughter, being a bit shy, muttered the quietest thank you known to man at the end of our visit… she has not stopped talking about her day as a Jr. Fire Chief.

Thank you Laura and Garret! You know Bill and I enjoyed it just as much as Mica! XO!

Yea… Mica was not the only one who loved this day. I think fire fighters are so tough… so this is me pretending that I have fought millions of fires… and being tough. Come on… believe it! By the way, that gear is HEAV-YYY!

I love this photo… my favorite. πŸ™‚ My two main loves… just enjoying the good stuff in life!

and a special thanks to Laura, Garret and sweet Mackie.. the REAL firefighters. Love you guys and thank you for such a memorable afternoon! Yup, if you follow my blog… this sweet family may look familiar… CLICK HERE.


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