What will fill her wildest dreams? {Denver and Golden, CO Family and Children’s Lifestyle Photographer}

When my little girl looks up at me with those big eyes and an arm outstretched saying “More, crackers please” or when she lies peacefully asleep at night… I can’t help but think about how much more I want to know about her. She is, of course, amazing to me just as she is in this very moment… but I sit and wonder – who will this little person in front of me grow up to be?

What will peak her interest? What will fill her wildest dreams? What mountains will she climb? How will she see heart break? What will make her feel alive? What will get her fired up enough to fight for something? Whose paths will she cross and who will be taken by her charm? What will be her favorite song? Will she always love the color purple, like my sister? What will make her laugh when she is my age?

Do you ever wonder the same thing when you look at this little person in front of you? Just some ramblings that are bouncing around my head this morning…

I am happy to wait and never want to wish away these wonderful (well, mostly wonderful!) days in front of me, but with each passing year I imagine it will all be unfolded and I hope to watch in awe. I hope to be a part of it all… well, as much she will let me! 🙂 This thing called being a mom, has it ups and downs and shocks me daily on how tiring it is, but man… it is pretty cool.

Here is a few favorites from a session I did this fall, with a little boy (and his family)… who I am also eager to see who he becomes… and plan to smile right along with his mom and dad as it is revealed to the world. I hope you love them.




EXCITING NEWS! Kate Borgelt Photography was named top Family Photographer of 2011 AND 2012 by Colorado Parent Magazine!

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Patti HaleJanuary 17, 2013 - 9:52 pm

Love these photos, Kate! Awesome job!

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