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I have to admit, I have always wanted to be one of “those people” – packing my bag in the middle of January with swimsuits, sundresses and flip-flops.  I have always wanted to be the person in the middle of January who says “Oh me? I am just headed to Mexico for the week!” As the rest of the world deals with the snow.

And last week… well, I got to be THAT person. Granted the folks in Denver were “struggling” with temps in the 60’s and not snow, but surrounded by sun, surf and sand I could not complain. I was a happy girl. My family and I traveled with another family who we love to pieces to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. A sweet little island off the coast of Cancun. Sigh. It was so wonderful to get away… to forget about the daily grind and just enjoy. You need that some times.

But, as I was boarding the plane back to reality, I realized something… I like my reality. And feel pretty darn lucky that I do. Was I sad to leave the sun and fun? Of course, I am not crazy… but I also welcomed back my little life here in Golden, CO. I was energized to think about this next year and all that it has to bring to my family and to my business. I have plans stirring in many directions and it is exciting to see which ones will rise to the surface and make 2013 everything it will be. I can’t wait!

Before I go, I want you to meet the Guttmann Family. I met them for the first time this past November on one of those wonderful – in between – warm November days. We got lucky and enjoyed the last days of fall color and the sunshine. They are a new crew of 4… and just well… fantastic!

I hope you enjoy these moments…I know I did!



And oh… just a couple photos of my girl, Mica, taken with my little point and shoot camera, from my trip to MEXICO last week! Oh? What’s that? Yea… I was in Mexico…in January! Smile!

she takes my breath away…


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