The Roark Family! {Modern Lifestyle Family Photographer in Denver and Golden, Colorado}

Meet the Roark Family!

Currently living all over the nation, they flew into Golden, Colorado for a family friends wedding…and since, well… they are often miles a part these days, they decided to take advantage of the time and squeeze in some family photos… and man, how did I get so darn lucky to be the one to help capture this time in their lives? Truthfully, I had no idea how much fun they would be, because honestly the far majority of my clients I meet for the first time on the day of our session. But, we get moving and shaking and having fun… and well, the good stuff is captured. I love it!

But, there is something incredibly awesome about the Roark family… they like to have fun! …and I mean, real – laugh tell your stomach hurts, throw your head back, kind of fun…the kind of fun that welcomes the silly and allows you to just enjoy life!  So, they made my job easy…and what a joy to bring that out in each of them! It is obvious that they see the plethora of blessings found in being together… and it makes me so darn happy from the inside-out to witness. Love this crew!

So we had fun and after they got used to my crazy ideas and warmed up to just how my sessions roll… at the end of our session… I shared something with them. You see, that morning when I woke up, I realized I had been dreaming about this session… guess my mind was in prep mode.  I had been dreaming of this family (who I had never met, mind you – so they all looked different in my dream – HA!) all walking across a fallen log.  I am not sure where it all came from… but as I shared, I said “Let’s make dreams come true!” So, because this crew is so awesome… they didn’t hesitate and up on the log they went! You will see the result in the fun captured below. As I said, I love this crew! How great are they?

And finally… and ironically, the day after our session I was at Costco, of all places, with my family just cruising down the milk and shredded cheese aisle… and well, who do I see? Yes, the Roark family! How small does the world get? They were stocking up on some goods as they headed up to the mountains for the week as a family… so, so great! They got to meet my husband and daughter and it just felt right that they got to meet my world too… after being so open and welcoming to me the day before.

Roark family… thank you so much for just opening up your hearts, trusting me and letting me capture your family just as you are. Such an honor. I am so thrilled you found me from Texas… 😀

May we meet again in the mountains!… or Costco! 😀


Yup, see? Dreams do come true! Check it out below!

EXCITING NEWS! Kate Borgelt Photography was named top Family Photographer of 2011 AND 2012 by Colorado Parent Magazine!

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