Baby is a’comin! {Denver and Golden, Colorado Candid Family and Children’s Photographer}

Whoa! Baby is a’comin. I can hardly believe it is September 16th… that means, I am 4 days away from our due date (FOUR DAYS!!) and any moment away from welcoming our second child into the world. Holy. Moly. —  and I mean HOLY! MOLY!

Most days, I am overwhelmed by the whole idea… that this little person is going to carve a new and permanent place in my heart. But, I cannot wait. Such an amazing miracle… and that I have been entrusted to be this person’s mom?!?! Well, sign me up! I am thrilled to take the job!

But, I gotta be honest… here is the truth… when I had my first baby, Mica… who is now 4! I remember I hurried to get back behind the camera. I think it was three weeks and I was back doing sessions again. It was part out of fear… worried how my business would do if I wasn’t fully active and behind the camera… and part… well, I just love photography and my job. But, with that, looking back – I wished I would have slowed down. I know my clients would have understood. I just know it (and I now I really do know it!) It all passed too quickly. I wished I would have taken naps with Mica in the middle of the day, instead of editing. I wish I would have spent a bit more time snuggling and just staring at her those first months, instead of worrying about sales tax.

And don’t get me wrong, I love my job… but I hope this makes sense. If you are a parent, I think I can see you nodding. (smile!)

With that…I vowed that if I had another child – it would be different.

So, now as I am staring down the days and on the verge of living on borrowed time before this little person enters my world. I can’t help but run around like crazy tackling my business to-do list and mentally preparing for a newborn. Cuz, truth is… I have every intention of dropping off the map this time and not worrying… and I KNOW my clients understand. (blessings!!) In fact, I will be on maternity leave through the end of the year and I like being intentional this time… and slowing down. I know I won’t win any metals for doing this, but I am proud of myself… as it is a bit out of my character, but I know I will never regret it…

I will be coming back full-time in the new year and will begin booking those sessions in November… and I will also be checking e-mail about once a week during maternity leave, so my response time may be delayed but I will respond, so please still reach out!!  But I won’t be behind the camera or the computer every day. I just need to say this all, because… well, if this your first time here, I don’t want you to think I am unresponsive… but that this is a special time in my life! And I have learned about treasuring the “good stuff” in life, through capturing all of you… and truth is, I will be so excited to get back to work. I love that part.

So lastly, as I sit here… a bit of a ticking time bomb (HA!)… and knowing this baby may come at any moment- I am looking at my to-do list and seeing I wanted to blog 7 more sessions before the big BIRTHday… and realizing that this may not happen. So, as I was sitting here I thought… I’m gonna highlight a couple favorites from each session… man, easier said than done. I had a great last month of summer… with some GREAT families!!

Thank you guys for all the love and prayers I have received with the soon to be arrival of our baby. I can’t wait to introduce you!



EXCITING NEWS! Kate Borgelt Photography was named top Family Photographer of 2011 AND 2012 by Colorado Parent Magazine!

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Michele KordekSeptember 17, 2013 - 2:29 am

This is all so beautiful! Just creepin’ on you and I looooooove your work!!!!!

JaimeSeptember 17, 2013 - 12:21 am

Oh wow, Kate. So well said. This parenting thing is so hard, and finding balance is nearly impossible. You do amazing work and your clients will be waiting for you when you’re ready. SO excited for you! 🙂 🙂

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