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It is with a mother’s pride, that I introduce my son, Stone, who was born on September 28th, 2013. He is beautiful, perfect and just everything he should be in the eyes of his mother. 😀 Isn’t he just a handsome little man? Say yes… you are talking to his mother! 😀

But, I have to admit, I had this gut feeling, you know… mother’s intuition (you can depend on that, right?)… that this baby was going to come early. So I was preparing for that, ready for that, expecting it actually. So as my due date came and went… well, I looked in the mirror and said “so much for my mother’s intuition?!?!” I eventually signed up to be induced 9 days (WHOA!) after my due date and wouldn’t you know? I went into labor just hours before my induction. That same “mother’s intuition” secretly thought this baby was a girl tool. 😀 Seriously?! But, man when I heard the words “It’s a boy!” and this little (um, not so little – 9lbs, 2 oz! WOWZERS!) man was laid in my arms… just as you hope… everything was right in the world.

He is now almost 3.5 months old and I can tell you, I have a feeling (but then again, we know how accurate my “mother’s intuition” is… ) this little one is going to take us on the ride of our life. He is a little spit fire.  I have noooo idea where he would get that from. (Ahem – 😀 ) But, I love being his mom. Sleepless nights are back, but even as you drag yourself out of bed and can only mutter the words “I am so tired”… there is something in your heart that tells you what a gift it all is.

Today is my first day back from maternity leave, and I am excited, feeling blessed and READY! Ready to jump back in and work hard to capture treasured memories for all of you, my friends! But before I feverishly began tackling my to-do list and getting ready for my sessions this week, I had to take a moment and introduce you to this this little guy, who instantly had my heart. Life is good.

My family of FOUR!




ps- My family photo was taken by my good friend Megan Alvarez. Love her for capturing this awesome time in my life!

EXCITING NEWS! Kate Borgelt Photography was named top Family Photographer of 2011 AND 2012 by Colorado Parent Magazine!

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mirandaJanuary 8, 2014 - 2:59 pm

Oh Kate – He’s beautiful! Congratulations!!

JaimeJanuary 8, 2014 - 2:56 pm

Congrats Kate! And welcome back! Such a gorgeous family, love these precious images!!

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