Happy Birthday, Stone! You are ONE! {Denver and Golden, Colorado Family and Childrens Lifestyle Photographer}

My little man is one year old. ONE! What a year. That blurry-eyed…awesome, yet hard, first year. Sigh. I am so glad I have you, sweet boy… but I am so glad that first year is over. You are sleeping through the night now (but not until 9 months!)… and that is a big one for me. With sleep, I feel like I can conquer the world most days… without it…well, it is tough-goings. You went from a tiny infant to smiles, crawls and first words. You took us on an adventure and have shown us sparkly moments and laughs that we are beyond grateful for. You are independent and social… and on your birthday… we celebrate you!

Your sister decided that we should celebrate with a monster party. 😀 I agreed.

I love being your mom. Man, do I love being your mom. <3 So blessed.


Your momma.

ps- His birthday was in September. Yea, September 2014. But, man… last year was full. Very full. So, I know I am a bit late in posting this, but sure do love revisiting his sweetness. I could stare at him all day. My boy.

We are lucky enough to have deer come and visit us in the backyard and you get sooo excited. One of your first words was “deer.” We would be inside and you would point to the door and say “Deer?” and we would go outside and see if any have stopped by… and if they were there… oh, you would point say “deer” over and over and look at me and then back at them. “Deer! Deer!” But, man… how lucky were we when on your birthday… one (actually two!) came by to wish you a happy day?! 😀 They must like you just as much, little man.

Not yet walking, but you love trying. Aunt Meagan showing you the ropes! 😀 (You ended up walking about a month and a half later… right around your Dad’s birthday. And now, there is no stopping you, you are so proud of your walking – such a big boy!)

Monster cupcakes! 😀

It’s your party, you can cry if you want to. <3

Stone, you are sooo loved. So, so loved. I hope you know this… deep down… and every. single. day of your life. Happy Birthday, my sweet love.

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