Believing in the good. {Denver Family Lifestyle Photographer based in Golden, Colorado}

I came home from this session smiling and thinking… dang, there are some really wonderfully, nice people in this world. It reminded me of this inspiring pinterest board post I read recently and it went like this:

“1 Universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas… and I had the privilege of meeting you”

I think this so often when I capture my families. No, really… Isn’t that just the truth some times. You just feel like… dang, I sure got lucky that we have crossed paths. I am grateful for how often this thought passes through my mind.

But… I gotta admit, sometimes think I let the yuck, the badness, and the mean that I see on the news, etc seep into my perception of the world… but THEN I get to do my job, see my friends and look a little closer. So many wonderful families.

BUT then there are people that make me think. Um, am I ever THAT nice? Nice as … them? And well, the answer is honestly – no (HA!)… but you want to meet the folks who are? Here you go!

I go to the same church as this family and have had the honor to get to know them more and more each year. They are the kind of people that remind you about all the goodness in the world. I like them. I like being around them. They make me want to always believe in the good and well, be a bit nicer every chance I get.

If you know them, well… you know what I mean.

Surrounding yourself with people like this? The good stuff.



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