It’s a… ?!?! {Gender Reveal and Denver Family Lifestyle Maternity Photographer}

Oh, it is so fun to be a small part of it all. I mean really… to be invited in to people’s lives… to help capture a time in their life. It is so dang cool. I love it – so. much…. and am darn grateful!

So, this is my very first Gender Reveal session. (Eek! Fun!) I am not sure why I have never done one before… I guess I just have never have been asked, but what fun it was to try something new… and I very rarely use props in my sessions. I mean, I am actually trying to remember the last time I did. But I had so much fun with these guys!

Oh, another thing I learned… Ok, I am not from Texas and I guess I just didn’t know about Dublin Dr. Pepper. Do you? Does it stretch beyond Texas? It did not reach my Minnesota roots, I’ll tell you that. But is definitely a thing, my friends. If you know it, you love it… and they are extremely hard to find. But, it is a thing with these two. They love Dublin Dr. Pepper and they even had saved a couple bottles they had from their wedding…  so – YUP – we incorporated it into their reveal. So darn cute!

So… are you wondering??

It’s a … (drum roll!!!)

Scroll and find out! 😀


These two are going to be awesome parents. I cannot wait to meet this little girl and capture all her perfect-ness in July! YAY! Lucky me!


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