I was recently told by a client in Denver that they liked working with me because I gave them permission to be funny, silly and just have fun…and my heart sang. We all want to play – don’t we? And we do – don’t we? But often behind closed doors – not out in the open in front of someone you just met… in a public place… or in front of a camera! GASP! (smile!) But I loved this! Because there is nothing and I mean nothing, as a photographer, that I love more than capturing genuine smiles… and I can capture them when you play.  So… we play! I love lifestyle photography.

To me there is such a drastic difference between the smile that we put on our faces when the camera comes up and we say “cheese” compared to the belly laugh- genuine giggle or sheer joy. You know what I am talking about right… when I can see both your top AND bottom teeth because the happy is bursting from the seams? GAH! The joy that is tucked into the pockets of a genuine smile…expression… is… well, incomparable. It is my happy place. It is when I click the shutter and say “YES!”

Don’t get me wrong…I also love the quite moments, the snuggles, the details… but I love those real smiles that explode from your children. When you look at the photograph and say – YES! That is my child. LOVE! Their joy is contagious.

This is such an awesome time in life. In YOUR life. Man, I love it.

This family is awesome. They love to play…




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