This is going to be fun?

Hmmm. Goooood question. And can I be so bold as to say… yes?  I mean, I get it…who loves having their photo taken? It is definitely not everyone’s favorite day. A big ‘ole lens in your face… not ideal, right? But… I am a big believer in the idea that the experience is nearly just as important as the photos I take of you. If the experience if painful, well – those memories will stir right up to the top when you look at your photos. BUT… if we can make it manageable… and mayyyyybe even fun… well, it can make all the difference. I promise you. Just come with an open mind. It is my goal to get you focused on your family – talking, playing, running – loving on your kids (that part is easy, right?)…and then we roll with it – the ups and (melt)downs… and just seeing what happens. There are always gems. Always.

So, sit back and relax. This is going to be fun. 😀

Lovvvved this family… their boy. GAH! I would have packed him in my camera bag if my hands weren’t already so full with my two little’s at home. Sweet, sweet little man… with some equally awesome parents. Go check it … and ask them if they had fun.  I dare you. 😀 (smile!)


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