Not gonna let it get me down.

Balance. Man, that word feels cliche to me, but I guess that’s what it is. Balance… ya know? When you try to make sure all the important stuff gets done  – in all areas of your life – everyday?!?! Man, sometimes I think it feels like an illusion to obtain. We all try to be the best we can be… at our job, at home… make sure it all the work gets done by deadline…be there to read books to our kids at night, get dinner on the table and dang, gotta try to get that workout in too. It just feels impossible sometimes… and this past 6 months – I am not gonna lie… It got me down… bummed out. I was out of balance. Workouts started to become infrequent cuz life took off a million miles an hour, I was thinking about work while I was putting my kids to bed and thinking about my kids while at work. Gah. Ever been there? I needed to get it all straight… something had to give. So, I guess this is the long way around to saying… my beloved blog and social media were the first to go… or rather taking a beach vacation for a bit and I am happy I allowed myself permission to do it – cuz sometimes not doing it all makes you feel… well, like a failure – BUT I am not gonna let it get me down!!

So I know it has been crickets here… But, now it is back… the blogging train has, once again, left the station. I can’t wait to share the last 6 months with you over the coming couple months. So, hang tight for some super awesome families… like this one! This family has been with me since my beginnings into family photography and every year I photograph them I am continually grateful. XO!

Happy New Year, friends! Here’s to balance! Cliche or not… Balance, my friends… the ebbs and flows- but keep the important stuff front and center.

Dear Blog… it is good to be back!

More to come!!

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