The Mess. The Magic.

I love being a parent. 😀 I do. Ok, Most days. Ok, Most moments… I guess it is better to say that I am a big… HUGE… believer in that whole idea that the magical moments are right smack in the middle of the mess. Ya know what I mean? It is when your little one spills their milk for the ump’tenth time (the literal mess) and then looks up at you with a morsel of surprise on how this could have happened and a whole lot of puppy dog eyes… and there sits the magic. Or when your patience has been tried all day and you want to resign as parental referee, AND you are not feeling well AND no one liked or ate the dinner you made AND you look in the mirror and barely recognize yourself (yup, the mess) and then you walk into their bedroom to see them so perfectly asleep on their pillows, bedhead, slow rhythmic breathing… sigh… the magic. I could go on and on and on with the juxtaposition of it all. If you are a parent, we could sit for hours talking these types of examples… and all from just today. AmIright?

I guess it is all just part of it… and we get up for another day. High fives parents. You are doing a great job and when we are in the mess of it all… look around, I bet there is some magic there just waiting for you to soak it up. If not, wait a bit… it will show up. Magical morsels… eat’em up momma’s and papa’s.

This mom rocks my world with her photography. She is the magic (and the blood, sweat and tears) behind Megan Alvarez Photography. She inspires me and commiserates with me, but most importantly and what I love the most is that she makes me laugh… and I mean spit out your drink kind of laugh. I love her wit and her way of looking at life! Love her and her crew… XO!


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