Road Trip Discovery!

This incredible family got in touch with me as they were literally traveling across country…road tripping and searching for photographers (love!)… to arrive at their new home waiting for them in Colorado… AND just weeks before they were to welcome another baby girl into their lives. (YUP! Another blog post to come featuring this new little one… SPOLIER: She is as amazing as her sister!) But, what an exciting time in their lives and I cannot tell you how much I loved that my life has crossed paths with theirs this past year. What a gift!

I fell in love with this family immediately and, truly, I think it is because they just welcomed me into the fold of their story. As you can imagine, this was such a chaotic time – their home still under re-construction, living out of an RV until it was ready, busy toddler, boxes to be moved and most importantly.. BABY COMING (!!)… but they paused… and invited me in and let me be a small part of it all. They are so aware of what a special time in their lives this is and I love that.

BUT even more importantly I think I love them most for how they prioritize the people in their lives… it is downright inspiring. You could see this with every story they shared. There is nothing more important in their lives than their family and friends! Ya know, I just plain love people who “get it” and live their lives that way. Yea, that’s these guys! 😀

Oh, also, they are moving into a home that ooozes history… in the most magical of ways… and how they are honoring those stories and the people who passed through is just plain awesome! (I geek out on “days gone by” stories! Think Pony Express and first settlers. Cool, right?)

So bottom line… I like these guys. A good crew here. Welcome to Colorado!!

Thank you for trusting me to capture this time in your lives.


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