Laughter is the best medicine.

I love to laugh. I love to hear laughter. I love to make people laugh. I just love every thing about it… when they say it is the best medicine – I whole heartedly agree. Add a bit of laughter and well… it is just better. Agree?

Some of my favorite memories of being a child is laughing so hard at the dinner table that milk accidentally came out someone’s nose. I know, a bit gross… sorry… but you have to admit- that is some good laughter or times when you literally fall to the floor or get a serious side ache from laughing. Man, I just love it. It makes hard times easier and fun times more fun!

So, that is where this crew comes in… this is the second time I have photographed them – now a family of FOUR! …but one thing is for certain… they know how to make each other laugh. And if there is anything that you can lean on when times get hard with two littles under two… well, that will be it. They got this! Hands down. They’ve also got some pretty darn sweet girls on their hands too – go check them out.

Love them. Thanks for the laughs.

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