Monthly Archives: February 2016

Momma heart.

The moment you find out you are pregnant, I believe your “momma heart” is born as well. That space that opens up and begins collecting all the experiences that make us parents… from that first moment you realize you are going to be a mom, to the first flutter you feel, to when your baby […]

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Colorado Story

I love it! This family contacted me as they were planning their trip to Colorado from the mid-west. I later learned it is a tradition for them to incorporate professional photos into their family travels and I love this idea so much!! Actually, I think it make a lot of sense… you know… you are relaxed, […]

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The Hurry

In recent months, I am really feeling the hurry of life. I know, you know, what I mean. So many things on my to-do lists and opportunities to say YES to… And I humbly admit, I LOVE getting stuff done and if I can do two things at once.. YEA BABBBY!… cross it off the […]

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