Waiting for her.

The anticipation. The waiting… for the magical moment when you meet your child face to face. Nothing like it.

I gotta say though – that your body, during pregnancy, is truly amazing. I mean, no really … remarkable… it is growing a human! And it just does it… everyday a bit more – oh, just some organs, eyes, arms, legs – down to the eyelashes…  WHAT!??! Amazing. Nothing more need to be said. It is such a special and incredible season of life (I mean, minus all the hard stuff about it- right?) and I just find it an incredible time to capture.

I actually met this family when they were pregnant with their son and that is when I deemed this mother “the most breathtaking pregnant woman I have ever met.” Not really fair to the rest of us that she so easily takes this title… but she is so stunning (see last pic, it is a fav!) and that is how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

I adore this family… they are fun, funny, quirky, artsy, laid back, and a bunch of other great stuff… all rolled into one family. And oh, I should mention I completely I adore the person their little man is becoming. I met him as a baby and man he is a cool cat and full of great boy energy… He left me smiling all the way home. I am all heart eyes for him.

ps- Their baby girl arrived a few weeks after we took these photos… she is gorgeous and perfect. Truly.

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