Colorado Story

I love it!¬†This family contacted me as they were planning their trip to Colorado from the mid-west. I later learned it is a tradition for them to incorporate professional photos into their family travels and I love this idea so much!! Actually, I think it make a lot of sense… you know… you are relaxed, your time schedule is your own… and what a great way to capture memories from your trip! — “Oh yea, that is when we were all in Colorado!” ¬†… “and you got your first bee sting” Yea… unfortunately that part is true too.

In the middle of our session, this sweet little girl accidentally disturbed a hidden ground nest of bees that sat next to the path where we were walking. Man, did we run… but sadly one got this sweet girl before we could all escape. Thankfully, she was ok. But, I am not gonna lie, it was scary… I have never been chased by bees… let alone my clients. But, I gotta tell you… this little girl is tough and destined for great things. She was such a trooper… just take a look at her smile. Love this little one.

… and that excitement definitely added to their Colorado story I promise you that, but I am still honored to be a small part of it!

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