Momma heart.

The moment you find out you are pregnant, I believe your “momma heart” is born as well. That space that opens up and begins collecting all the experiences that make us parents… from that first moment you realize you are going to be a mom, to the first flutter you feel, to when your baby is placed in your arms… and everything after. The good. The hard. The amazing. The trying… all of it… I believe each of those experiences expand your “momma heart”… and their is no limit to the size it grows. It doesn’t erase who we were before becoming a parent, but you are forever changed. It allows us to look other parents in the eye and say “You are doing this! WE are doing this… “. It is what allows us to cry and laugh and commiserate with other parents from a depth of knowledge… from our momma heart. “We are in this together”.

I am so grateful for my “momma heart”… it makes me a better person. It has taught me hold the door open for a parent who is managing two screaming children and the groceries. It has taught me to help put the luggage in the overhead bin when a parent is traveling alone with their kiddos. It has brought complete understanding to how the inside of a car could be mistaken for a trash can. It brings the proud tears to my eyes when I watch childen be brave. It has built such a bridge of such compassion for the mom on a walk in our neighborhood with their newborn, looking unshowered and exhausted. It is not that I would not have done these acts of kindness before, but now… as a momma… it comes from such a much deeper place of love.

I am grateful for the “momma heart” – what an unexpected gift, don’tcha think?

Keep growing that momma heart, my friends – it is a wonderful part of us… and be kind to each other! <3

This family…  the love for each other oozes from the seams. GAH! It was so evident from the moment I entered their home, that they love from that deep, awesome, unconditional family place… and BONUS anyone who offers me a cinnamon roll, well – I like you, just a bit more! This family… they are top-notch! LOVE! Check out the love! I hope to cross paths with them plenty in the years to come!

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