Monthly Archives: March 2016

Heart Swoon.

I always ask my families to tell me a bit about themselves before our session- just whatever they want to share. But, I especially love learning about their children. Interests… personalities… I love it all. And I love hearing it all from a parents perspective… it makes my heart swoon! Plus, as you can imagine, […]

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My boy is TWO!

When my son, Stone, was an infant. Man, did he cry… a lot. (insert my tired eyes) Immediately, I tried holding him in the same way that soothed my daughter, Mica, four years earlier… and… it didn’t work at all. It actually just made him more mad. Until one day I ended up bouncing on an […]

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These days.

These are the days. It is actually strange to think that one day my home will be kid-free and quite… because right now the clutter and the noise – well, sometimes is enough to drive you a little crazy. But, underneath it all – I can so easily see how these days are to be […]

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