My boy is TWO!

When my son, Stone, was an infant. Man, did he cry… a lot. (insert my tired eyes) Immediately, I tried holding him in the same way that soothed my daughter, Mica, four years earlier… and… it didn’t work at all. It actually just made him more mad. Until one day I ended up bouncing on an exercise ball… POOF! and it worked like magic.

When we started him on solid foods… I went out and bought a bunch of avocados. These were Mica’s favvvvvorite… and yup, you guessed it… it is still one of Stone’s least favorite foods.

It is funny, isn’t it. “They” tell you that siblings will be different… and you know this in your heart of hearts, but man – they really, truly are their own person. It seems funny writing that because at the same time I think, “Of course they are!” But I have to laugh at how many times I tried things what worked for our daughter and to no avail… this little man, is his own person. As he should be.

And one thing that is all his… is his love for music. He was born with music in his soul. It is crazy. You watch your child and notice what they gravitate towards…and as a mom, you wonder what will stick… and if there is one thing that has stuck at Stone’s ripe old age of TWO… is that this little man loves music. He will run around restless, but if someone starts playing live music – all stands still. He is in love. If you play a good beat, it seems near impossible for him not to start moving his body. My boy loves to boogie. He loves his T-shirts with guitars… and love to “play” guitar even more. His favorite day is Wednesday because that is when his toddler music class is. When we play “pretend” … he wants to be the music teacher and gives us all shakers to rattle along in his music class. I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said “play guitar and drums!” I love his passion for music so much!

So, when it came to celebrating his two year birthday… no question: A DANCE PARTY! Music, shakers, disco balls and balloon drop as we jumped on bubble wrap. So fun for all of us!

I love you my sweet boy. You make us laugh every. single. day. You are two… and you are amazing! I love being your mom.

Happy Birthday!

Love, your momma!

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