Heart Swoon.

I always ask my families to tell me a bit about themselves before our session- just whatever they want to share. But, I especially love learning about their children. Interests… personalities… I love it all. And I love hearing it all from a parents perspective… it makes my heart swoon!

Plus, as you can imagine, this helps me more than you could ever know… when thinking about how to approach them, interact, what to expect from them, etc. Because if I can get your children to trust me and think “Ok, she is ok!” from the get-go… well, it is pretty easy sailing from there. We just play and have fun. <3 ┬áSo, it is always my goal number one to make a great connection with your children… LOVE!

This family is a favorite of mine. Good peeps. Adore. XO! If you know them, well you already adore them too. Enjoy!

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