Monthly Archives: March 2016

In a glance… they grew up.

Why is it that somedays, when I look at my children they look exactly the same as the day before… but THEN there are OTHER days I catch a glance of them… and it is like they grew a year in a day? It feels a bit like a taunting reminder that these days are […]

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Where my heart is.

People often ask me why I decided to focus on family photography… rather than weddings or landscape or something else… and my answer is pretty simple… it is where my heart is. It truly comes down to that. Not a very exciting answer, I know, but as a parent myself of a two and six […]

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Spring Booking Update!

As we enter into the Spring season, my schedule is starting to pick up steam. YAY! I am so excited about the new families I will meet this spring and all the families that I will get to see again! I love celebrating each new year with them and seeing how their children have grown and […]

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