Summer Bucket List

I have started brainstorming¬†a “summer bucket list”… you know – a list of fun that I want to do with my family this summer. I just have this deep desire to create a summer that feeeeeels like summer… the sprinklers, bike rides, slurpees, hiking, live music, camping trips (even a couple nights in a teepee this summer -eek, my daughter is going to be so excited!)

It is funny, I finally understood that I need to write ideas down to make them happen. If I don’t… sure, some of them will naturally happen, but if I write them down… well, there is just a better chance when I think “what are we going to do today?” – that I look to my bucket list! I don’t know if I am alone in this or not, but once I write it down – it becomes real. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of being spontaneous… but this just helps me stay out of the “same ‘ole same ole.”

I feel that is the same with my business, this past month I have been busy setting new goals and yes, even new boundaries for 2016. Last year was amazing in so many ways and I am just as determined to make this next year even better.

More clients like this family… is a great place to start!

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