Making a memory

I first met and photographed this family years ago, when their youngest was just one year old. They have since moved to Oklahoma… but loved them then, love them now… and social media allows me a small glimpse into their lives now…  so, I was beyond grateful and excited when they e-mailed me to tell me they were coming back to Colorado for vacation. They would only be in the Denver area one day… and they wanted to do photos (!!!). So, for months, we were zeroed in on our one day… it was going to be awesome, sunny and beautiful outside! I just knew it. THEN as it got closer – well, it looked like it would be impossible to escape the incoming snow storm.  Not just a few flakes – a snow storm. We talked about rescheduling for the next time they came to town, whenever that may be. We talked about how this was not the weather we were both hoping for…. But, (insert why I love them!) instead of missing the opportunity to capture this time in their lives, they decided to make a memory. We went for it (!!!) and had a wet, snowy, slippery, muddy ‘ole time! Needless to say, we made an adventure out of it… and Colorado memories that will endure the test of time… for both of us! <3 These photos make me smile.

I am so grateful to know this family… and so grateful that photography brought us together. Life is good, because of the people we get to cross paths with, my friends. <3

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