Knock! Knock! Anybody home?

In-home sessions. I love them. I think it is the mix of a fresh, new location that gets my creative juices flowing and my brain exploding with ideas, but also knowing that I am capturing your family at… well, home. Home…where all the memories are being made day to day. Where the backdrop to every photos holds its own stories. Where everyone breathes easy and relaxes. Where the details literally surrounding the laughter will be just as treasured as the moments we capture.

So, don’t let the toys that explode in the living room, the dishes in the sink, an unmade bed or the size of your home stop you from making a memory in the place where love surrounds. I would love to be a part of capturing it all.  I promise you, we will have fun!

This family. This is the first time we crossed paths, yet I feel like I have known them for years. We share a love for wide open spaces… places to explore and run – where freedom rules! 😀 So, yea… I like them. I think you will too. <3

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