Shy, but warms up quickly. <3

When I started out as a photographer, I was advised by several photographers to always have my camera in my bag when I entered someone’s home. They said it was too much, too “intimidating”, if you will…and that I should take a moment and just be a person for a few minutes and not only a photographer. So, I did this, for a while… but then I realized – I was missing moments. Ya see, more often than not, I hear from parents that their children are “shy at first, but warm up quickly” when asking them about their family prior to our session. Exactly! When I didn’t have my camera handy right when I walked in the door, I found that I was missing some of those first shy moments and once they got used to me, I wasn’t able to get them back. I love those.  So, now… I don’t all “paparazzi your family” as I walk in the door (ha!), but I do have my camera ready. Just in case. I sometimes even apologize and quickly let the parents know that these shy moments are fleeting and I want to grab them. Parents get it, they want these moments captured too… because you can get photos like this first one. Sigh.

I love high energy. I love laughter. I love silly. But I also love shy. They are all who these little people are…and I want to capture it all! <3

This family is a recent new family of four! Such a great family. So. Much. Love. <3 <3

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