Like an onion, I tell you!

It is amazing to me how… slowly – over time… your children reveal who they are to you. You don’t really “know” the little person placed in your arms on their BIRTHday… but like an onion, I tell you… layer upon layer… years upon years…they show you and I sit back in pure awe. I wonder if this ever ends, as a parent? I suppose not. We are always learning and changing, right? So, why wouldn’t your children continue to reveal who they are all through their lives?!?? Silly, I suppose to think otherwise… I guess, that is the beautiful, wonderment of it all. But, those first years?… well, the amount of personality that begins to show? Glimpses are given to you in buckets, and wonderful heaps and heaps! I love this!

So, this crew¬†became a family of four this past fall. That was the first time I crossed paths with them. So, I was excited to return exactly 7 months later to capture their¬†little girl again (and some more of big brother too!)… and how much she has grown and changed sooooooo much! Milestones that first year are shocking, aren’t they? So much growing, development and the first glimpses into who they are. Love!

XO! Enjoy the cuteness!

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