Laugh and enjoy the ride!

I thought I knew what “feeling busy” felt like before becoming a parent, but now – with two little ones that call me mom and days flying by, my mind spinning, and realizing the only time I have sat down was to use the bathroom 😀 – I am reminded that I did not have a clue. Life with children is busy- full of action and you just have wake up each morning and step onto the roller coaster and enjoy the ride. I find that sometimes, with chaos all around – I can glance over at my husband and we just start laughing… “What? This is our life! We created this world of chaos?!?… we can either cry and sit on the sidelines or dive into it.” … and laughing is like a great big diving board for us. So, we jump in. It doesn’t take away the exhaustion or the lack of patience at times… but a good laugh sure does know how to put it all in perspective and soak in the good.

This family is definitely enjoying the ride. Two sweet puppies and two sweeter boys to bring the chaos… and yes – lots of laughter. Enjoy the ride! Adore this family. <3


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