Check and Mark!

So much goodness and change happens in that first year of life. It is actually pretty mind-blowing! The check list is long – just so much to accomplish! But, it all just happens. Mind-blowing! So here we are with this sweet girl…Birthday- check! Newborn days – Check! Laughs – check! Hold your head- check! Sit up – check! Roll over -check! … Crawl… oooon the verge. šŸ˜€Ā And soon there will be full on crawling, pulling up on things and walking! Man, oh man! What a year. But for a moment we pause here… exactly where she is at. <3

That is why I offer the opportunity add on milestone sessions to your newborn session. They are just short little, pop-in/pop-out sessions focused on the baby and their milestones. I got a coupleĀ fun shots with mom too!

… I am already anticipating seeing this girl at one year old! GAH! Can’t wait… she sure is a beauty! <3 Check her out. Love.

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