Friends. :D

I think it is funny when – in my head, without words or anything specific happening, my “clients” tip over into “friends.” I love the feeling of looking forward to walking back into someone’s home and catching up. Sure, I have a job to do – and many of my “client friends” I only see at photo sessions… but let me tell you – there is just something amazing and incredibly special to be able to walk with a family through the years… and capture the changes, the additions, the moves… and the growing up. YES! Especially the growing up!

So, I guess why I am telling you this… is because that is how I feel about this bunch. I don’t actually tell my clients when they have tip the scale to friends in my mind, but I like to think they know. <3

Cheers to all my now friends that make my job possible! Thank you!!

Time to check out this crew! <3


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