Life Livers! :D

This family. I adore them. I watch in awe as they parent, guide and love their children. They are the kind of people you just want to be around. If you know them, I am sure you get what I mean. They ooze a positive outlook and their way of looking at life is contagious.

For example, through just doing what they do, they continually remind me of the impact of being an encourager in this world.  Ya see, in the couple years I have known this crew I can continually feel them cheering me on, encouraging me, believing in me… through simple, easy, small acts. It is a magical gift they have given me. A gift I want to pay forward.  A “like” on my facebook business page, an e-mail mentioning that they trust me completely re: their session, to how they have mastered the “brush it off” and “I love you to bits” balancing act of parenting – while still being their children’s biggest cheerleader. I love when I find great life livers! (Life livers… ha! I just made that up and I am not changing it, but I don’t mean liver the human organ! HA!) I just feel so grateful for people who remind me of wonderful ways to live… and one I work to pay forward… to other photographers, friends, family, my husband, my kids.

It is funny, there are so many unexpected gifts in this job… and watching and learning from my clients is definitely one of them. Incredible reminders at every turn…

Grateful. Check out our session together. It makes me smile. I think you will smile too!


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