Monthly Archives: August 2016

Blessings abound!

Friends, these are my people. Yes. These people are my people. They like to call it “the people on your ‘Home Team’”… I call it people in “My tribe.” But regardless, they are the people that when life is hard, when life is good, when life is upside down, when life is down right hilarious […]

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You & nachos make me happy!

The last time I saw this little boy was when he was just days old. YES! Just a sweet newborn, with his parents swooning and working hard to find their new bearings. Such a unique chapter of life. Everyone is vulnerable and just doing the best you can. I guess that doesn’t change much even […]

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Showing you the love is easy. <3

Right as I was leaving they turned to me and said “Thanks! This was the first time we have ever done a professional photo session”… and later that day in an e-mail “… and it was fun!” <3 My heart swelled. I am so darn grateful to be chosen to capture these fleeting days of highchairs, […]

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