Blessings abound!

Friends, these are my people. Yes. These people are my people. They like to call it “the people on your ‘Home Team'”… I call it people in “My tribe.” But regardless, they are the people that when life is hard, when life is good, when life is upside down, when life is down right hilarious – you want to share it with your “Home Team” … “Your Tribe.” I pray, truly, that YOU… that WE ALL…  have these people in our lives… because –  heck! We need them. Family. Friends… whoever is in your tribe…  they sure do make life a whole lot better. Because even when life is at its hardest- your tribe encourages you or just stands beside you.. and well makes it better. And in the case of “My tribe” – we can find any reason to laugh and celebrate too! 😀 The stories I have shared with this team, the hard conversations, the laughs, the experiences. Sigh. I am so grateful for them.

Please take time to look at their smiles! And, while you are at it,  take a moment to touch base with the people on YOUR “Home Team” – “Your Tribe”. 😀 Blessing abound!


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