The Jitters.

I recently was asked if I ever get nervous before a session… and hand’s down, without hesitation, I blurted out a “YES! YES, of course! After all these years… YES!” It used to bug me, that I would let the pre-game jitters eat at me as I waited for my clients to arrive. I would think, “When am I ever going to let them go and this will become easy?”  But, then I listened to the words that echoed in my head – “become easy?!?” Eeeek… after too much easy comes lack of creativity, boredom… yuck. So, I guess I am happy to hold onto my nerves and let them push me. Because, well they stem from the right place – you just want to knock it out of the park for the family you are working with. You want them this time and every time they work with you to say “YES! I love these photos!” So, with that comes a bit a pressure. 😀 Not from my clients, but from me! and I decided that is a good thing. So me and my nerves are trying our best to be friends.

Even with this family. They are some of my dearest friends… they would understand if I messed up, if I did my best – but it was sorta a flop.. but GAH! Not on my watch, friends! Enter nerves and a busting of my butt… here are the results. They make me smile!

So, cheers to the nerves that keep us reaching for more, for better!

Eeek, have to prepare for tomorrow’s session now. 😀 Re-enter the flutters. 😀



Kimberly BurlesonDecember 19, 2016 - 3:48 am

Awwww, so cute! Looks like a fun family!

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