Thank you Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.

Somedays I feel like I am caught in a hamster wheel… not in a bad way or a good way. Just spinning. Life is just moving so fast, that when I put my head on the pillow at night and think “Ok. Tomorrow.” And then my brain fills with all the to-do’s that suddenly make it hard to fall asleep. I know, I know… not the best habit. But, it just feels like life is going so fast right now and, yes, that is life with little ones… But, the only quite moment is… well, at night as I shut my eyes to focus on what is next. I can’t say I like this feeling, but I know I am not alone. You are with me, right?

But, then there is photography. It is my superpower. It has trained me to slow down and see details of life. But, even more crazy… when I put a camera in my hand and boom… I can freeze time. WHAT? Yup… time stopper – that’s me!! 😀 So, even as life continues to spin… for all of us in this season of life –  if we take time to capture it. Live it…you can return to it again and again. Photography… so crazy wonderful. So, I just googled “Who invented Photography?” And it told me Joseph Nicéphore Niépce… so I am going with it. We all know it was most likely a group effort (smile!), but if google tell me: Joseph Nicéphore Niépce… then thank you, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce… for the super power. Grateful to you, my man!

This family… adore. They are filled with love, energy and know how to play. <3 They are new to town, so when another awesome family that I photograph brought us together… well, my heart is so grateful.  Check out the fun.



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