I feel like I have always struggled with New Year’s resolutions. Not that I over commit, but it is because this season of life is so full (insert parenthood) that I have kept things incredibly simple. One year, drink 8 glasses of water a day. See what I mean? Easy. Good for you, yet was attainable. But, I realized it left me feeling a little – meh – and well, that I had more in me. More to challenge me. Until I decided to focus on one word. One word to encompass where my intentions were going to be in that year. Last year was PLAY. And it works…the word PLAY whispered to me when life choices came up. When I have to chose between taking time to get on the floor and wrestle or wash the dishes. It brought the fact that my kids are in the middle of their PLAYful years to the front and center and I wasn’t going to miss it. Focusing on one word brought so many more wonderful opportunities and choices in ways I could have never dreamed up on January 1.

So…drum roll… this year it is LISTEN. Yes, LISTEN. I feel like the world is trying to say a million things to me, direct me. I feel like God is trying to get my attention and tell me something. So, this girl has got to take the time to LISTEN. And when I say LISTEN… it means a million things to me. It doesn’t mean stop everything and sit still, because that is not always realistic (although I hope it does include some of that)  It means, pay attention. LISTEN to words that tweak your heart. LISTEN to what catches your eye. LISTEN to what opportunities are being presented. LISTEN to how your dreams are evolving. I am excited about 2017. I think it has so much planned, I just don’t know all the twists and turns it will take me. But, I am eager to LISTEN and walk its road.

Do you have one word for 2017? If not, join me… and create one. And please share it with me… you know,  I am LISTENING! 😀


This family… gah! I love them so dearly. And well, a little girl and a puppy??! That’s right! and that is only the beginning. Take a look.




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