Print. Print. Printy. Print! (AKA: Your friendly kick in the behind! Love, Me)

In 2017 I made a commitment to print more of my OWN family photos, so they actually exist. In. the. real. world. I know, I know. I am photographer, but just like the ole saying about cobbler’s children having no shoes.. yea, yea. I am pretty good about taking photos of my family and also great about getting professional photos taken each year so I can be in them. But, I admittedly fall short when it comes to printing them. (slamming head on my desk) I know I am not alone. And I always preach to my clients about not letting images sit in a digital world, but to get them up on walls and in picture frames. Time to take some of more of my own medicine. GULP! (Side Note: Do I regret having the digital negatives?… no way! I love that I can print in different sizes and again and again. So, don’t get me wrong. I love my digital files of my family… but… )

One story that kicked me in the behind, this past year… I was given a small photo of my Dad and my Aunt when they were kids and in the background of the photo was a frame… and inside the frame was a photo that still hangs in my Aunts house today of my Aunt and Dad at an even younger age. It just got me really thinking… captured moments that we truly want to keep… we need to make them tangible. So, we can touch them, hang them… allow them to live on.

So, this morning, before I opened my e-mail and saw my to-do list I spent 45 minutes… only 45 minutes and I sat down and placed a print order of photos of my family that I love from 2016. I did this last year in January too. Not every photo, just the ones that make my heart skip a beat or oooooze this time in my life. (Another side note: Some of the photos I printed were from August and man oh man, you can see how much your littles change in just a few short months! They are always growing, why does this shock me so much some days!?)

So, Print. Print. Printy. Print. AKA: Your friendly kick in the behind. Love, Me.

You won’t regret it.


This family. Watching them brings me such joy… their family love is inspiring…and capturing them is such a great honor. <3 Check out their smiles!



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