Bam-baid and Stummy aches.

So, I noticed last night that my 3 year old said “Band-aid.” I know, it may not seem like a big deal, but guys… he articulated both words – “BAND- AID”… “Mom, I need a BAND-AID”.  I even said, “What?” and he said it again “Mom, I need a Band-Aid.” I smiled and felt a pang of “something” in my heart in the same moment. It wasn’t sadness, but just realization of the passing of time.

Cuz guys… since he began staying that word it was always “BAMBAID.” and now… well, time is passing before my eyes. He is growing up. Now, of course, I do not want him to say “BAMBAID” for the rest of his life – but it is in these small moments that you see your children grow. It sometimes shocks me and some times feels expected, but I like to pause in them. It helps me remember and fully live in the moment.

Granted as I was getting him a BAND-AID, I asked him… when your stomach hurts you have a what? He looked at me funny and then said “A Stummmy-ache, mom” … and I just smiled. Yea, that’s right. Just checking. 😀

Pause in the moments, my friends. This life is a good one.

This family… I feel like I have known them for ages, but crazy to think it really has been just a couple years. Feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with them and gotten to know them and their little man… my favorite little stud! Such a great crew!


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