Adulting in seasons.

Since I started “adulting” now and then… AKA: cleaning my house, getting a job, getting married, kids, etc. I have begun thinking about life in “seasons”. It has been the best way for me to realize and soak in the good and cope with the hard of each season. Cuz, all seasons have both there is no denying that. Just knowing that times (seasons) in life are fleeting, temporary. That both the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly will not last… it may remain, but it will still change… that we will slowly live our way into a new season. And just this week I slowly woke up or maybe “noticed” is a better word…  that I am in a new season. My kids are out of diapers, they can both get themselves a glass of water and are typically smart enough to not walk off a cliff… and there is a beautiful freedom in that, but also it includes the packing up of all things “baby” and a realization that the “baby season” of my life is in the past and will sit in the beautiful memory bank. I am happy/sad about this… as I think a lot of parents are, but I so geared up for this next season too. A diaper bag, what is that?!? (Ok. Ok…we still have the change of emergency clothes in the trunk, so I guess I am not completely out of the wood, but give it to me – ok?)

I don’t really have a point, so if you were waiting for one… sorry to disappoint. But, just some thoughts and a little bit of  “its my blog I can have a point if I want to.” 😀 But, Seasons… love that concept.

I met this family when their oldest sweet girl was born. It has been such an incredible honor to capture each of their girls in their first weeks of life. They are a such wonderful crew… and they named their #3 daughter Kate… so she is obviously my favorite! <3 Oh, I kid. I mean, sorta… No, I totally kid… I love these girls! <3 And it has been just plain awesome to watch them grow and change. So, so Grateful!



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