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Laugh till you cry. <3

My heart is all sorts of full. <3 I just returned from Thailand one week ago and even though I am just now beginning to feel human again (Whoa, jet lag – I bow to you.) I have found myself drifting back to adventures we had and giggle-smiling. The 10 days of fun were with […]

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Why ARE wine bottles not sold with straws? Celebrate it all!

I believe that life should be celebrated. That, as a parent, hidden underneath the long nights, truly are short weeks and even shorter years. That buried underneath total house explosion, pull-your-hair-out frustration and wandering thoughts of why wine bottles are not sold with straws… are moments that take your breath away. I seek moments that […]

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I believe in doing things that make you feel alive. The small things… like, for me – hiking in the mountains – but also the big things. The things that don’t and can’t happen every day…because well, they are big. 😀 But I believe it is important to still work to make them happen. The […]

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